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Why You're Struggling to Stay Consistent


We all go through it, we all know how important it is, but still we still struggle with it. Let's discover what's keeping you from being consistent. 

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Introducing HES Creator University

March 2, 2023

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Just a small town Mama with BIG dreams of helping you level up your marketing and sales. Join me for the ride and flavor your content Louisiana Style! Yes, it's gonna be so good!

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Hi, I'm ERICA :)

Shreveport, LA native Erica Smith has set the enrollment date for the first black-woman founded sales and marketing university for content creators and entrepreneurs in Louisiana, HES Creator University.

HES (Hey Erica Smith) Creator University is a division of Hey Erica Smith, Inc. that was established in 2020 for the purpose of educating entrepreneurs and small business owners on the intricate details of running a sales-funnel based online business. The University is partnered with Kajabi — the #1 online course creation platform that has generated over $4Bil in sales to host the 100% online HESCU campus offering a full collegiate experience for its students. In addition, the HES Creator University bookstore will be virtually partnered with Walmart.com for classroom supplies like notebooks, paper and more.

Erica has over 13 years of professional sales experience coupled with a unique background in social media marketing that makes her the ultimate coach for creators. Back in 2019, after walking away from her corporate sales job — she booked over $20,000 in sales from her laptop using her sales skills and the free wi-fi inside of a local coffee shop.Since then, Erica has been busy using those same skills to coach countless entrepreneurs and content creators on the online business industry and helping them to generate their first sales using organic and paid advertising strategies.

Her students have collectively generated over $3Mil+ in sales both on and offline over the last 4 years.HES Creator University will consist of an accelerated 8-week intensive hybrid coaching program with three core colleges: Coaching College, Creator College and eCommerce College.

Prospective students are encouraged to take the HES Creator University Entrance Assessment to uncover their immediate sales-funneling needs and establish accurate placement inside of the University.

The 2023 HES Creator University open enrollment period begins on March 20 and ends on March 31. Only 50 students will be admitted.

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